“I’m always trying to do the stupidest possible thing to allow me to get out of the project alive. Unfortunatley, the stupidest possible thing that could possibly work always seems to be a little bit more complicated than most complicated thing I already know how to do.”

-Andrew Gelman

Hello, my name is Dylan James McDowell. I am Financial Economics undergraduate with hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Mathematical Statistics with a research focus in Bayesian Methods & Decision Theory. I love coding in #rstats and #python and currently am learning Stan. I love to read, write, and have #woahdude deep discussions with friends. I named this blog “Uninformed Priors” because 1) I’m really interested in Bayesian Statistics and 2) It desribes the way I often approach life with an open mind. Currently, I work as a Data Scientist & Project Manager for a non-profit consulting firm primarily on agronomy and econometric projects.

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